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FBI Denver Citizens Academy Alumni Association

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The FBIDVRCAAA Board has defined four key initiatives of focus for the following year, in alignment with the community priorities of the FBI Denver Field Office.  We would love your ideas and involvement, so please take a look where your experience, expertise and interests might lend themselves to furthering our mission and contact us at!

If you have a group (>=50 people) who would like to have a presentation by the FBI on any of the topics below, please contact us at to discuss a special event. 

Fentanyl Abuse Awareness

Fentanyl has rapidly become the leading cause of death of Americans between ages 18 and 45. Since 2015, Colorado has seen the highest rise in fentanyl-related deaths than any other state except Alaska. And this deadly drug is also commonly used in conjunction with other crimes; victims of human and sex trafficking are often "paid" in fentanyl.

We are partnering with the FBI Denver Field Office to educate our community on the dangers of Fentanyl and what is being done by the FBI and other law enforcement to shut down illegal distribution of the drug.

Elder Fraud Awareness

Financial exploitation collectively costs older adults an estimated $4.8 billion a year And that’s just from known incidents, as experts say most cases go unreported. The toll of these crimes goes well beyond seniors' saving accounts; the emotional pain, shame, and fear that is inflicted lasts forever.  

We are partnering with the FBI Denver Field Office and AARP Elderwatch to educate seniors and their families in our community on the red flags of elder fraud and scams and how to spot it, prevent it, and report it.

Testimonial from the March event  at Affinity of Ft. Collins:

"My mom was talking to a resident yesterday that attended our event. She mentioned that the bank called her and said they received a check that had a signature on it that concerned them. They asked whose signature was on the check. She said it was her daughter. The bank then said she needed to call a phone number and have her name removed from the account. My mom [told her], 'That is just like the frauds we learned about from the FBI ... [they] said to call your daughter and have her call the phone number.' So she was going to call her daughter, and not the fraudsters.

Our seminar informed the audience and in less than 24 hours the information prevented fraud. Pass on my thanks to the FBI team and a special thank you to you too."

Human Trafficking and Sextortion Awareness

Human trafficking involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. Every year, millions of men, women, and children are trafficked worldwide, including here in the U.S. It can happen in any community, and victims can be any age, race, gender, or nationality. Sextortion, the act of threatening to share nude or explicit images, is often used by traffickers to control their victims, and cases affecting young children, teens and adults have increased exponentially in the past two years. Unfortunately, due to the nature of these crimes, most of them go unreported to law enforcement. 

We are partnering with the FBI Denver Field Office to create awareness of the signs of human trafficking and sextortion and how to help.

FBI Denver Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBIDVRCAAA) is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI

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