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FBI Denver Citizens Academy Alumni Association

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FBI Denver Teen Academy in Grand Junction!  July 25, 2024!

Members are encouraged to spread the word! 

If you know a teen that lives in Grand Junction, please encourage them to apply SOON (deadline is July 12)

Any questions, send an email to


Q2 Chapter Meeting -

July 11

The meeting will start at 5:30p.m. and a light dinner will be provided.

After our business meeting, the FBI Domestic Terrorism supervisor will give a briefing on involuntary celibates. Involuntary celibates or "incels", are heterosexual men who blame women and society for their lack of romantic success.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Event -

July 27

The FBIDVRCAAA would like to recognize members of our local law enforcement community by personally thanking them en masse for their service. We will form teams and gather at various department offices across multiple cities, providing refreshments and appreciation cards to officers and staff.  

Click on the link below for more information and to register!


Former Colorado Resident Sentenced to Life in Prison for Federal Hate Crimes and Firearms Offenses Related to Mass Shooting at Club Q

Anderson Lee Aldrich, 24, formerly of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was sentenced to 55 concurrent life sentences to run consecutive to 190 years in prison after pleading guilty to 74 hate crimes and firearms charges related to the Nov. 19, 2022, mass shooting at Club Q, an LGBTQIA+ establishment in Colorado Springs.  

According to the plea agreement, Aldrich admitted to murdering five people, injuring 19, and attempting to murder 26 more in a willful, deliberate, malicious, and premediated attack at Club Q. According to the plea, Aldrich entered Club Q armed with a loaded, privately manufactured assault weapon and began firing. Aldrich continued firing until subdued by patrons of the Club. As part of the plea, Aldrich admitted that this attack was in part motivated because of the actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity of any person.

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Prevent Mass Violence

Research has found that mass shooters don’t just snap.

They spend time thinking about violence and they plan, prepare, and often share indicators before their attacks. This means there are opportunities to identify someone who is on a pathway to violence - and prevent their attack.

Studies have also proven that before most mass attacks, someone observed concerning behaviors that were signs the person was on a path to violence. The people who noticed were often friends, family, schoolmates, coworkers, or loved ones.

YOU may be in a unique position to observe these signs in someone you know. Educating yourself on what to look for can be the key to preventing an attack of mass violence in your community.

Read More about What You Can Do


223/556 Carbine Course - June 15

2024 Chapter Challenge!

     We want to give you an opportunity to acknowledge, recognize and thank law enforcement officers and agents and other first responders for all they do to keep us safe!

     We have created five different note cards that you can easily carry in your wallet and hand out to police officers, FBI agents, or other peacekeepers in the community to thank them for their service.

     Our challenge is to have each member hand out 5-10 of these cards this year (goal of 1,500 cards).  Members have taken over 300 cards thus far to hand out, so we are off to a good start, but need your help in meeting our Challenge goal!  

     You can request as many cards as you'd like to hand out, and we will either send them to you or have them for you at the next Chapter meeting!  Contact us at


Questions? Comments? Ideas? Looking to get involved?

We would love to hear from you!




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*Must be a graduate of an FBI Citizens Academy

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FBI Denver Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBIDVRCAAA) is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI

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